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Current Event
[UPDATE] Patch 2.013


Server succesfully updated on July 1, 2017 10.02pm!


Please find Patch changelog below

1) Add messagebox to upgrade class when reach level 10 so newbie wouldn't need to go to NPC Skillbook to upgrade class manually. 
2) Change temporary inventory time from 3 minutes to 1440 minutes (24Hours) 
3) Change caernavon to safezone 
4) New Login Screen & All Map Loading Screen 
5) 2.013 Launcher (Change website adress) 
6) Fix Gem stat same as Website 
7) Disable New Mail temporary. Mail that currently in mailbox will not effected. 
8) Add Stone of rebirth at General Merchant with price 100m each 
9) Increase Armor Break Effect when slight using Axe (Defender) & Blunt (Templar) to 5, 118 Defense reduction last for 13s. 
10) Limit 1h Axe & 2H Axe to Defender Class and Combatant Blunt to Templar 
11) Change Newbie Blunt to Newbie sword 
12) Add S grade Fuser NPC as below 
|--> Near Blacksmith Macros Pirate Village, [Almighty Land]
|--> Near Blacksmith MC,GW,RC & CZ, [Caernavon]
|--> Near Blacksmith Dismal Harbor, Cardea, Thonia Camp & Watcher Camp, [Kartehena Viceroyalty]
|--> Near Blacksmith Akkan Camp & Human Camp, [Battle Ground] 
13) Max Temp Inventory increased from 30 to 50 
14) Change right to left item name for Guard arm, Gun Arm & Attack Arm due to same name as sleeve 
15) Change Ares Axe Akkan to Ares axe-hammer due to using same item name with human axe 
16) Reduced Bow, crossbow & Gun Arm requirement temporary due to awakened issue. Changes as below; 
|==> Bow 180Dex >> 150Dex | 220Dex >> 190Dex | 260Dex >> 230Dex
|==> CrossBow 200Dex >> 170Dex | 240Dex >> 210Dex 
|==> Gun Arm 230Dex >> 200Dex | 250Dex >> 220Dex | 270Dex >> 240Dex
17) Fixed Black Market grade for Helm, Boots,Glove,Pant,Sleeve,Dagger,Claw & Sword Arm. They not longer give more than A grade at Black Market. 
18) Add Stone of Endurance at all General Merchant not only Sunny 
19) Change axe/blunt (CON) to be able to use by Life Only. 
20) Fix word human for quest Defense Shard on VIP NPC quest. 
21) Add below Guardian Soul to Script
|==> Kartehena Knight (Common)
|==> Necrogenic Leader (Common)
|==> Queen Of Pain (Common)
|==> Queen Of Pain (Uncommon)
|==> Queen Of Pain (Rare)
|==> Queen Of Pain (Epic)
|==> Deadly Skeleton Kingz (Common)
|==> Deadly Skeleton Kingz (Uncommon)
|==> Giant Ape Leader (Common)
|==> Dark Krix (Common)
22) Add Ramadhan & Raya Guardian Soul Event. Refer Ramadhan-Raya 2017 Event note. 
23) Add Costume A Kartehena Knight Costume, Giant Ape Leader Costume & Dark Krix Costume. 
24) Change Event item Ketupat (2016), Raya Haji (2016) , Malaysia Day (2016) and RYL Plate (2016) to be able to drop. 
25) Add VIP Emblem for VIP Activation. you will get VIP Emblem each time you renew VIP. 
26) Add Limited Edition Costume (Lock to char) as below;. 
|==> Demented Hellhound I AGrade 750 Speed
|==> Deadly Skeleton Kingz AAGrade 900 Speed
|==> Demented Hellhound II AAGrade 900 Speed
27) Add Limited Edition Free Costume B Hellhound I Badge Quest to Event NPC.
- Required 15k Fame above & Lemang (2017) x500.
- You will get Demented Hellhound I Badge first.
- Change Demented Hellhound I Badge to Demented Hellhound I Costume with NPC Under big Tree at Pirate Village
28) Add Quest Badge to change Limited Costume to Costume as below;
- Demented Hellhound I Badge
- Demented Hellhound II Badge
- Deadly Skeleton Kingz Badge
Extra Note : You can remove Limited costume by delete current quest and you can obtain Limited Costume again later by take same quest again.
29) Add compensation quest as below
|==> Patch 2.013 Compensation get FREE Personal Core x20
|==> Patch 2.013 Compensation (Required: 15k Fame and above) get FREE Holy Potion of Hero (Attack) x350
|==> Patch 2.013 Compensation (Required: VIP 1 Quest Activation) get FREE 1b GoldStone Cube x10
|==> Patch 2.013 Compensation (Required: VIP 2 Quest Activation) get FREE 1b GoldStone Cube x20
|==> Patch 2.013 Compensation (Required: VIP 3 Quest Activation) get FREE 1b GoldStone Cube x30
|==> Patch 2.013 Compensation (Required: VIP 4 Quest Activation) get FREE 1b GoldStone Cube x40
|==> Patch 2.013 Compensation (Required: VIP 5 Quest Activation) get FREE 1b GoldStone Cube x50
30) Increase Headless level same as Kartehena Cavalry and Add drop to Gold Ancient Golem.
31) Change Guardian Soul Stat
|==> Increase all Eter Guardian Soul Stat
|==> Cyclop King (Rare) Stat Unchanged
|==> Increase QOP (Rare) Stat
|==> Increase SK (Rare) Stat
|==> Increase Diablo (Rare) Stat
|==> Increase Baphomet (Rare) stat
|==> Increase Red SK (Rare) Stat
|==> Increase Gorep King (Rare) Stat
|==> QOP (Epic) stat Unchanged
|==> Increase Diablo (Epic) stat
|==> Increase Red SK (Epic) stat
|==> Increase Diablo (Mythic) Stat
32) Change guard to be able to attack.
33) Add 2x Compensation for 3 days change Ramadhan I shard pack to pack. Quest available from 1st July to 3rd July 2017.
34) Ramadhan-Raya Package script.
35) Add Metal & Gem Shard quest as below to NPC Boroy at Pirate Village
|==> GEM Package (CRUDE) Shard >>> GEM Package (CRUDE)
|==> Common GEM Package 1 Shard >>> Common GEM Package 1
|==> Common GEM Package 2 Shard >>> Common GEM Package 2
|==> Common GEM Package 3 Shard >>> Common GEM Package 3
|==> Metal Package (Large) Shard >>> Metal Package (Large)
|==> Metal Package (Medium) Shard >>> Metal Package (Medium)
|==> Metal Package (Small) Shard >>> Metal Package (Small)
Next Patch.
1) Fix S grade Fuser item & Demonic Mask texture for mount
2) Change Ramadhan-Raya Event item to be able to drop
3) Fix dc when change map


Posted Dec 30 2017 6:36AM Autor: Admin-Rizal
Skill Boost Removed
Posted Dec 28 2017 1:42AM Autor: Admin-Rizal
Skill Boost Added
Posted Nov 24 2017 6:22AM Autor: Admin-Rizal
School Break Event
Posted Oct 1 2017 5:34PM Autor: Admin-Rizal
Upcoming Maintenance
Posted Aug 26 2017 1:42AM Autor: Admin-Rizal
SW#3 Event
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